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Curriculum Design

For the time being, students in their freshman and sophomore year are required to take PE courses in the following order: “physical fitness”, “Group activity and self-defense”, and “Basic skill of a specific sport”. For those students in their junior and senior years, PE course is an elective. Besides teaching, this section regularly holds lectures concerning physical education and is responsible for publishing” CTU Physical Education” and “Bulletin of  CTU Physical Education”. Furthermore, the office sets up a commission for curriculum and holds teaching seminars.
With limited human resources, the office will continue to renovate the physical education curriculum, and activity works with related departments to set up a research center and host conferences concerning sports science. In addition to holding sports activities, major sport competitions and international sports exchanges, the office will promote the establishment of a department and graduate institute related to sports science. It is our objective to not only provides better equipment, but also efficient management in order to contribute to the goal of making CTU of the leading universities in the world.