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Council of Physical Education Office
Faculty Appraisal Committee
Curriculum Development & Teaching Assessment Committee
Physical Education Instruction section
    Physical education strengthens students’ bodies and increases their health. The 3,000-meter race running is required Students are expected to swim and float for more than 3imnutes, to swim more than 25 meters, and to breathe rhythmically while floating. They are also taught to swim well for self rescue.
    All students in Day Division and those in the Division of Continuing Education are trained to have a strong and healthy body. This will give them the endurance to confront challenges in today’s competitive society.
  1. To arrange physical education curriculums.
  2. To consolidate the digest of curriculums.
  3. To prepare the evaluation on faculties' promotion and employment.
Physical Education Activities section
  1. To promote the physical fitness and the character development.
  2. To develop the sportsmanship and the sports teamwork.
  3. To understand the sports knowledge and establish regular exercise habit.
  4. To learn the sports skill and strengthen the physical fitness.
  1. To promote and create sports games for students.
  2. To promote and create sports games for faculty and staff.
  3. To arrange the training programs for faculty and staff.
  4. To manage student-athletes.
  5. To manage sports facilities.
  6. To purchase, maintain and write-off facilities.
  7. To plan and develop sports areas.
  8. To procure and handle the sports equipments.